Black Granite Stone: An Elegant Choice for Kitchen


However, there are many other unusual options from which you can select a natural stone countertop for your house. But no other hue can match the charm and elegance that black natural stone, like black granite stone, brings to your kitchen.

If you are considering selling your home, the addition of this black granite stone will increase the value of your property. Choose the purest granite stone from the available assortment of black granite stones.

What, however, makes this granite a well-liked choice for gardeners, flooring experts, home designers, and even regular homeowners? Learn more about black granite in this article.

Granite is said to be tougher than diamonds, rubies, and sapphires put together, making it the hardest substance known to man. It is stronger than marble and limestone and more resistant to stains and acidic substances than other stones.

Granite is still the material of choice for exterior cladding because of its superior strength and resistance to hazardous elements. Granite is much more heat, stain, and scratch resistant than marble and requires less maintenance.

Black Granite

Black granites are dark-hued igneous rocks that are mined for building stone, building roughcasts, monuments, and specialty materials. These rocks include basalt, diabase, gabbro, diorite, and anorthosite.

Among all the granite stones, absolute granite stone is the most popular one. But this stone is also quite popular with some other names.

These include; Absolute Black India Granite, India Black Granite, Super Black Granite, Premium Black Granite, Nero Assoluto India Granite, and Black Absolute Granite.

Black Granite

Characteristics of Black Granite

The black granite stone is an elegant material that gives your home a unique look. Moreover, this stone material is known to produce a bold and sleek vibe which will be perfect for a traditional style home.

When you view this stone from a specific distance, it appears to be jet black. As you know that black is everyone’s favorite, and people love to use black color stone in their kitchens.

Especially for worktops, flooring, external paneling, and other architectural uses, Absolute Black Granite is a great stone choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. The ability of this granite to perform well in subfreezing temperatures is one of its outstanding qualities.

Overall, the quality of the Indian version is far better than that of the other versions. India is thought to be the top exporter of black granite in the world as a result.

Absolute black granite has the following qualities that make it an excellent choice for your home:

Design Pattern

The color and pattern of absolute black granite, commonly referred to as jet black granite, are greatly influenced by the quarry from which it is mined. Because there are minerals present, its surface is often dark and has little granules. Because of its regal aspect, this granite is a popular natural stone for usage in a variety of architectural applications.


According to reports, absolute black granite is tougher than other varieties of black granite. It typically has a high gloss shine that lasts longer. Due to its uniform color and surface pattern, this granite is a fantastic choice for building applications both inside and outside.

Benefits of Using Black Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Granite stone material is one of the common stone materials for kitchen countertops. This stone material gives your kitchen a sense of grandeur. Black granite is a natural stone that is available now in different patterns and styles for your home.

One of the most interesting facts about this stone is that it requires a little maintenance. There are various colors available in granite, but black granite is perfect for your kitchen.

Following are the benefits which you will receive when you add black granite kitchen countertops to your home:

Low Maintenance

One of the most important things that you should do with your granite countertops for the kitchen is seal them. This material is porous, that’s why it requires sealing for protection against stains and bacteria. Because other materials require more sealing, this natural stone requires less care. Additionally, this material is exceptionally easy to clean after being sealed. Just wash the surface with dish soap.


Black granite is something you might want to consider if you decide to replace your outdated kitchen countertop. Granite is a desirable material to select for your kitchen countertop, despite the fact that it could be expensive. You will enjoy your stunning countertop for many years to come, thanks to its unrivaled durability.

Stain Resistant

Black granite tiles are one of the materials that give your kitchen counters a beautiful appearance and a durable solution. This natural material is stain-resistant if properly maintained and sealed.

The countertop’s surface should remain immaculate if spills and stains are cleaned up right away. Despite the fact that no material is completely stain-proof, granite’s natural hardness provides a stronger defense. The roughness of the black granite makes stains less obvious.

Versatile and Elegant Option

This organic material complements both conventional and contemporary kitchen designs because of its adaptability. It also complements a number of kitchen-related materials, such as stainless steel, wood, and other materials, well. Additionally, there are a number of kitchen flooring ideas that complement granite counters beautifully.

Granite Stone - SK Stones Pakistan

Boosts House Value

Black granite kitchen countertops have the advantage of increasing the value of your home, which is a benefit that is sometimes disregarded. Having a piece of land that is worth more than the others is always more practical, whether or not you intend to sell it.

 Because each stone cut is distinct, natural stone countertops significantly increase value. This implies that there will never be another home like yours.

Final Words

Black granite stone is an elegant option for your home. The black granite price in Pakistan ranges and depends on the stone material. You can also use this stone for flooring purposes to give your home a robust look and appeal. For any black granite stone purchase, you can browse our collection of granite stones available at SK Stones!

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