What styles of bathroom vanities are available in Pakistan?

The silent stars of bathroom design are bathroom vanities which competently combine utility and style to improve the usability and visual appeal of any bathroom area. Bathroom vanities play a vital role in determining the general ambience and functionality of the room by acting as both useful storage solutions and decorative focal points. Let’s discuss […]

What are the design possibilities with granite marble?

Granite Marble has been well known for a long time due to their beauty and quality for an elegant design. They are full of design options to make a significant change with little addition to your interior theme. In Pakistan, Granite marble is commonly used in interior project design as per requirements. Read out more […]

Best Home Renovation Services in Pakistan

Home remodeling and renovation plays a vital role in the dynamic estate industry of Pakistan. Homeowners now demand more modernization and functionalities in their living space. Either a renovation of an old house or looking for a fresh new look to improve the overall theme with contemporary designs. Designers setting the latest trend for tough […]

Latest floor tiles design in Pakistan

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor area the flooring tiles are important to complete the look. A well-designed floor can improve the overall appealing look with durability and usability. Pakistan offers a vast range of floor tile designs to define the various requirements and tastes of customers. Let’s explore the floor tile design, floor […]

How do pavers contribute to the overall design and style of a home’s exterior?

Overall design and stylish look of any home and exterior play a crucial role in making it a detemine place with design. Pavers are the ones to transform the place with great exterior design to give a fresh look. Upgrade Your Place With Trendy Pavers: Here’s How! Still, wonder how a paver can transform the […]

How do I mix and match floor tile designs in open-concept spaces?

Flooring plays a crucial role in the overall appealing look of any home. It is an essential aspect of interior design that can make or break the look of a space. Choosing the right floor tile designs for open-concept spaces can take time and effort. You want to create a cohesive look throughout the entire […]

What is Travertine stone, and where is it used in home design?

Home design is an area where homeowners have an excess of options available. Among the various types of natural stone, travertine is a popular choice due to its exceptional properties. It is a type of natural stone that offers a beautiful texture and a classic look to any space where it is used. In this […]

Which tile is best for the floor in Pakistan?

Selecting the right one for flooring in Pakistan may depend on various factors, such as style choice and your budget per specific needs.

Marble from Pakistan: Names, Types, Colors, and Pricing 

SK Stones, the best marble factory in Pakistan. We will look deeper into Pakistani marble’s diverse types, colors, names, and prices.

What is Special about Travertine?

Travertine stone has unique patterns and textures as a natural with different benefits and features as a highly porous material.

How to become a successful marble supplier?

Marble is one of the most durable materials, with its beauty and various designs, just like granite or other stones. Significantly used for the Kitchen countertops to make a statement piece of art. The international industry has a $50B value for marble production. Pakistan is a prominent marble source that produces different varieties and designs. […]

What types of Granite are commonly found in Pakistan?

There are various types of granite originating and quarried in Pakistan’s different regions. Significantly, the most common types of granite found in Pakistan are white, black, grey, and natural brown. 

Where is Marble found in Pakistan?

SK STONES offers a premium marble variety and promises high development potential. Significant kinds of Marble found in Pakistan include Ocean Beige, Perlino, Rosso Arabescato, Sahara Beige, Sunny White, Tropical White, and Universal White.

What types of marble stones are available in the SK Stones Marble collection? 

Look no further than SK Stones exclusive range of Marble Stones. Visit the SK Stones showroom in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Marble Designs: Renovate Your Home with Chic Patterns, from Rooms to Kitchens, Halls to Floors – Check Out Latest Rates in Pakistan!

We will explore the importance of marble design for home. You can choose the Marble designs for your home from SK Stones Pakistan.

Welcome to the World of Marble: Explore Floors Designs, Types, and Price of Marble in Pakistan

When it comes to home remodeling, marble has been the epitome of elegance and luxury in interior design for centuries. Its most sophisticated element brings opulence and timeless beauty. Find an array of varieties of the finest marble from SK Stones Pakistan. In this blog, you will find out about the exotic marble collection, the […]

Explore the Allure of Travertine Marble By SK Stones Pakistan

Marble is the king of natural stones and its enduring allure has captivated the world for centuries. There are endless varieties of marble stones with unique characteristics. But this marble travertine gem stands out among all due to its distinctive qualities and exceptional appeal. Additionally, travertine marble is the top choice among architects, interior designers, […]

The Pros and Cons of Marble Stone Flooring

There are various natural stones occur in nature but marble is the one that gives your home an exotic look, and appeal. Well, at the same time making your home look the best and most luxurious too. This is one of the most elegant flooring materials for your home. Well, it can be a perfect […]

All The Things You Should Know About Pavers

Every one of us loves to have a great exterior and interior both. Well, on the one hand where there are ways through which you can make your home interior an amazing and aesthetic place. In the same way, you can make your home exterior look the best with pavers. These paver stones are a […]

Why Choose Pavers for Your Outdoor Living Space?

In the United States, most of the time Pavers are the go-to choice for a large number of Americans for their outdoor living area. Mostly, people opt for pavers to have stunning driveways, patios, pool decks, and walkways. Pavers, often known as paving stones, are flat building components composed of stone, brick, or concrete that […]

A Guide to Use Natural Stone in Home Interior

Every one of us loves to transform our home interiors, and this can be done with natural stones. If you want to create a zen-like ambiance, different from the outside world, then we will help you in learning more about it. When it comes to decorating the interiors of a home, then natural stones such […]

Travertine Stone – A Perfect Choice for Your Home Remodeling Project

Travertine stone is quite popular worldwide because of its aesthetic designs and is considered a masterpiece of nature. When going for home remodeling, you can replace travertine marble stone with traditional stones like granite. Calcium carbonate deposits create travertine stone, which is a type of sedimentary limestone. This stone material is quite popular because of […]

Understanding The Marble Stone Types in Pakistan

We have a large number of natural resources available in Pakistan, and marble stone is among them. Marble is famous for quite a lot of reasons and in Pakistan, you will ultimately find a large variety of marble stone. You can use marble for a variety of purposes such as in bathrooms and kitchens for […]

Everything You Should Know About Limestone Countertops

When you research the most durable and exotic natural stone materials for countertops, limestone is among them too. You always want to have the best for your home, and this can be fulfilled by placing the limestone material inside your home. The limestone in Pakistan is quite popular due to the wide range and collection […]

The Durable Kitchen Countertops Materials in 2023

Whether you’re talking about the kitchen equipment in our homes or the greatest countertop material in the kitchen, each of us wants the best for our homes in every way. When remodeling or renovating a kitchen, you want everything to be flawless. Choosing the material for your kitchen countertops to be made of natural stone […]

Black Granite Stone: An Elegant Choice for Kitchen

However, there are many other unusual options from which you can select a natural stone countertop for your house. But no other hue can match the charm and elegance that black natural stone, like black granite stone, brings to your kitchen. If you are considering selling your home, the addition of this black granite stone […]

All The Things You Should Know About Marble Stone

Although many people like the elegant feel of marble surfaces, not everyone does. There are undoubtedly benefits and drawbacks to marble surfaces. While certain benefits and drawbacks are immediately apparent, others won’t become apparent until after they have been put in place. Before selecting to install marble countertops, find out more about its benefits and […]

What Makes Silver Travertine Stone Tiles Popular for Your Home?

There are various natural stone materials that can be found for your home, and they are popular among homeowners too. Travertine stone is one of them and is famous for installation at various places inside the home.  It is a kind of limestone that is manufactured as a result of deposits of natural minerals in […]

How Can You Use Onyx Marble Products at Your Home?

You can find so many natural stones which can give your home an exotic appeal and living. Well, Pakistan onyx marble products are one of the ideal options which you can install at your home. Onyx is a unique and precious stone that can give your home a stunning and luxurious look. Every one of […]

Prospective Benefits Of Installing Limestone In Your Home

When you step on the limestone flooring, it gives your home a clean and minimal look. The calm sensations will eventually evoke your mind and give your home an exotic look and appearance. The limestone in Pakistan will give your home interior an exotic look and design. There are various reasons why people go after […]

How to Fix Damaged Marble Stone on Countertops and Floorings?

Marble, primarily produced in the Western Hemisphere, is a traditional and highly sought-after material. Due to its smoother texture, marble was chosen by the ancient Greeks for sculpture. Many homes today use it as flooring. However, marble becomes dull after years of use and abuse and requires restoration. Broken marble stones can be repaired in […]

The Different Marble Stone Floorings Available in Pakistan

One of the most crucial components for improving a home’s interior is the flooring. One of the most popular types of materials utilized to accomplish this goal and give your home a continuous floor finish is marble flooring. It’s crucial to select the ideal type of marble stone for your home, given the ease and […]

Buy Luxury Onyx and Travertine Stones for Stylish Bathroom Vanity

Are you planning to renovate your home or workspace? Are you looking for stylish and durable stones for your home design? So,  the answer is SK stones, Here you will get  onyx and travertine stones in Pakistan, which are known for their unique colors and patterns. Sk Stones is your partner in complementary home decor. They […]

SK Stones: The House Of Luxury Home Interiors Products

Add Glory To Your Home With Onyx, Limestone, Marble Product Sk stones bring the fantastic addition of marble products. We have the number 1 Pakistan onyx and marble products. At us, we have a high-end collection of stunning natural stones. That will boost the aesthetical visualization of your home space. Plus, your home will look like a […]

Benefits of Black Granite with SK Stone Suppliers

Granite is a natural stone that is quarried from the earth. It is a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and walls due to its strength and beauty. Granite comes in a variety of colors, but black granite is one of the most popular varieties. Black granite is prized for its deep, rich color and subtle […]

Pakistan Beats Mexico in Polo Championship 2022

World Polo Championship 2022 was held in Wellington, Florida, USA, on October 29. Pakistan secured 5th position in the match with its unparalleled. Highly competitive teams participated in the championship, including the USA, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain, Australia, Italy, and Uruguay. Although Spain clenched the title yet, the performance of Pakistan was commendably outstanding. Hamza […]

Home Owner’s Material choice for Interior and Exterior Renovation 2022

By using high-quality building materials, a functional structure is possible along with a good ambiance. The materials used also decide how stable and durable your house will be. You need to have a lot of information while selecting the materials. The decision between the many materials is difficult, but stability, upkeep, environmental conditions, and cost […]

Top 4 Materials for Commercial Building Renovation

The commercial buildings are made to meet the various needs from large scale to some small retail scale. When renovating a new building, it is necessary to find the best for your unique need and look at the materials used. Various natural stones are available today, and each stone has a timeless appeal in its […]

Difference Between Marble and Granite

Deciding between two stunning natural stones, marble, and granite may be difficult. But you must make a decision! Undoubtedly, each one will improve any kitchen or bathroom and is aesthetically pleasing. But they all have distinctive qualities that set them apart from one another. Let’s explore further what makes them unique. In summary, granite has […]

What is Travertine? Colors & Types

Travertine is one of the most flexible building materials in the market with many colors and types. Travertine countertops, tile flooring, and travertine backsplashes are examples of this natural stone’s beauty. This guide will assist you in determining the appropriate travertine slabs for your new countertops or backsplashes. What is Travertine?  Travertine is a natural […]

Types of Marble for Flooring

If we look at the last halt in the construction work, the world is back on track and ready to do the routine work. Pandemic not only stopped the work progress in Pakistan but the whole world. Although the pandemic effectively curbed the construction work, a few reasonable steps of the current government proved to […]