Where is Marble found in Pakistan?

Where is Marble found in Pakistan

Marble is one of the most prevalent rocks based on calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) that is full of shine and polish. Marble has become more notable because of its standard use in the construction industry. Its manufacturing includes using explosives, composite-tipped drills, diamond-studded wire, epoxy sealing, and computer-controlled polishing. Modern technology makes it easy for consumers to access it with affordability easily and affordably. Moreover, every architectural structure uses Marble for the final finish in exterior and interior portions to make them more attractive. 

Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of marble and marble products. The demand for Marble continues to increase in both the global and domestic markets. It is an excellent choice to use in building construction for both commercial and residential purposes. Marble’s high durability and beauty increase its demand and make it more popular. Marble mining and processing require some steps of exploration, cutting, and polishing for final finishing. 

Varieties of Marble in Pakistan

Pakistan has a wide variety of Marble with exceptional properties and practical uses. Significant kinds of marble found in Pakistan include Ocean Beige, Perlino, Rosso Arabescato, Sahara Beige, Sunny White, Tropical White, and Universal White. This wide range of marble available in Pakistan makes it a preferred destination for those looking for superior-quality Marble for their architectural and interior design projects. All these marbles are well known for their high quality and durability with admirable design and patterns. They are mainly used for Kitchen countertops, flooring, walls, and other decorative purposes. 

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Pakistan is well-known for its spectacular Marble, which originates from various locations, Such as Ziarat, Chagi, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Individual region has a distinctive and myriad variety of Marble, which is admiringly strived after for its exceptional design and high quality. Whether you are looking for traditional white Marble or something additionally bright and rich, Pakistan has something to present for every preference and class. So, if you’re looking for the ideal piece of Marble for your home or business, explore these places for incredible marble offers! 

Ziarat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 

KPK has around 297 billion tons of Marble in its different areas. In which Ziarat is well-known for producing white marble used for flooring and wall cladding. White Ziarat Marble in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is significantly durable and helps to keep the surface cool during summer. That’s why it has massive demand in the local market. With the mining process, this Marble is extracted to become one of the finest quality in Pakistan. 

Chagi in Balochistan

Chagi in Balochistan is well known for its stunning Marble, which is popular in construction and interior design. Balochistan has around 2.5 billion tons of Marble that is commercially used globally. Due to its durability and captivating appearance, the natural look of this Marble is a marvel. Chagi is rightfully praised for this exceptional natural resource.

Sindh Marble 

Sindh, a province located in southern Pakistan, is famous for its exceptional variety of Marble. This region is mainly renowned for its premium quality beige and brown Marble. This Marble’s high quality and durability uplift its decent look and make it appealing for any high-end project. Most large-scale construction projects, such as villas and luxury hotels, use Sindh Marble. Because of its unique pattern and defined colour, it stands distinctively. 

SK STONES offers a premium marble variety and promises high development potential. Despite considerable matters in the marble industry, it has one of the highest marble resources and has growing exports. SK Stones provides higher reserves and export potential with more satisfactory quarrying approaches. 


What is the extraction process of Marble in Pakistan?

The marble extraction starts from the quarry using a heavy machine and then is evacuated with bulldozers and wire saws. Further, it goes through the process of mining and final finishing with polish to become a final product.  

Why Marble is good for flooring and countertops?

High quality and durability of the marble material are the point of matter for flooring and countertops. Thus, making any space elegant with various colours and an easy-to-clean process is a good choice.  

Is Marble a good option for outdoor use?

Marble is suitable for outdoor use because of its high-quality material and specific design and pattern for outdoor applications. Further, the sturdy material of Marble is good for outdoor use due to some changing factors of weather fluctuations. 

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