What are the design possibilities with granite marble?

granite marble

Granite Marble has been well known for a long time due to their beauty and quality for an elegant design. They are full of design options to make a significant change with little addition to your interior theme. In Pakistan, Granite marble is commonly used in interior project design as per requirements. Read out more about the design possibilities with granite marble. Further, we will discuss all the factors about cost, design, and the difference between granite and marble.

Difference between Marble and Granite

Both granite and marble are natural stones with significant changes in the material. Granite is an igneous rock that comes from magma and solidifies. That’s why it is a hard stone with a rough surface that feels granular. You can use a variety of colors in granite to design any theme. However, marble is made of limestone that is under heat and high pressure to become metamorphic rock. Thus, it is softer with a smooth surface, and it has a variety of colors and designs.

Black Granite Marble

For your kitchen countertop, backsplash, or flooring, black granite marble is the perfect choice to remodel. It is an elegant yet sophisticated marble with a deep wonder shade in a black finish. You can get customized polished or leathered finish as per your choice for your design project to match the theme scheme with a selective pattern design. Further, it is versatile and durable enough to resist scratches, heat, and stains in busy areas of your home.

Granite Marble Design for Kitchen

The kitchen is the most busy yet sophisticated area of any home, so it should be the most graceful in design and theme. Granite marble is the perfect solution for kitchen countertops or backsplash to make a statement. You can choose a color and design pattern to match the theme. There is an extensive list of design patterns that you can get ideas for your kitchen theme to make it look more beautiful with such graceful marble. Mostly, homeowners and designers prefer white and black granite marble for their kitchen design to give a bright and bold look.   

Granite Marble Price in Pakistan

Granite marble prices in Pakistan can vary depending on their quality, design, and pattern requirements. The main factors that we should consider for cost are pattern, design, quality, and color of the marble. However, granite is quite expensive compared to marble, and it has durability and ease of maintenance.

Granite Marble Application:

You can use granite marble in different interior projects because of its durability, design variation, and versatility. Marble defines a lavish design with smooth and luxurious refinement in its stone. The choice is yours for flooring, countertops, backsplash, or bathroom vanity top. However, granite is a sturdy stone with more classic effects in its pattern, which is a perfect solution for interior design. Architectural designers prefer granite for home design projects due to its visual grace.

Possibilities with granite marble:

Granite marble is a well-known stone for interior design, either for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity. You can have endless possibilities for any design with a variety of color and pattern themes for any project. It is a perfect solution for any interior design to make a bold statement with quality material.

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Is Black granite marble perfect for kitchen design?

Black marble granite is a perfect solution for kitchen design to make an elegant look with a versatile design theme. You can have a variety of pattern designs and finishes as per your requirement for polished and leathered.

Is granite suitable for the kitchen countertop?

Due to its strength and resistance to heat stains and scratches, granite is appropriate for kitchen countertops. Granite is the ideal stone for a busy kitchen. You can use it as your choice in any color with any theme, but keep it clean and well-maintained.

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