What types of Granite are commonly found in Pakistan?

types of Granite

Pakistan is a land of natural resources with diverse landscapes and geological formations, such as a vast variety of Granite. Every Granite defines its own story with natural beauty and cultural values. These granites are quarried from different areas of the country. Thus, it has unique shades of colours and texture designs that make different patterns on its surface. What is Granite? and what type of rock is granite? In this blog, we’ll discuss the voyage of this embarking granite and its common types that are found in Pakistan.

What is granite, and what type of rock is it?

Granite is a type of igneous rock that is mainly composed of quartz and magma under the earth’s surface. That’s why it is significantly famous for its durability and unique appearance that define the basic elements of colour, texture, and patterns. Further, granite requires less maintenance than other stones, giving it a plus point. It is mostly used in construction and interior design to describe different applications. Use it for everyday objects such as countertops and flooring

Some commonly found types of granite stone in Pakistan include:

Black Granite

Granite with a black background is one of the excellent choices, with different texture designs. There are a variety of patterns on black granite. You can have it according to your preference. Its decent black backdrop with golden or yellowish veins and flecks distinguishes this type of granite. It finds significant use in interior design for countertops and flooring. Pakistan commonly features main black granite types such as Absolute Black, Black Antique Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Black Pearl, Black Space, Cambrian Black, Impala Black Granite, Nordic Black Granite, Premium Black, and Ubatuba Granite.

White Granite

White granite primarily originates from milky-white quartz, which gives a classic, unique design for interior applications. It is the most durable for a fresh look that truly works for the art piece to define many white shades in one. Winter white, wave, valley, symphony, Strom, sand, sparkle, ravine, supreme, ornamental, mist, alpha, venus, and river white are the common types of White Granite. But Ziarat White and Kashmir White are the most premium ones. Both of these are 100% good for the countertops. It mainly features a delicate design of grains on the surface to define a stunning impression. 

Natural Brown and Gold Granite

For a neutral and natural woody design, brown and golden granite are the most popular designs. It will complement the brown theme with a traditional and rustic vibe. Desert Brown, coffee brown, Baltic brown, Tan brown, and Venetian Gold Brown are the common types of Granite to style your place. 

Grey Granite

Grey shades for granites may confuse you with brown shades if you go for typical colours. However, dominant grey shades are the elegant and beautiful ones for classy and contemporary interior design. It has specifically mixed flecks of red, black, brown, silver, and creamy shades to give a warm and smoky texture design. No matter for what purpose (Bathroom vanity, Kitchen countertops) you are choosing it, it defines a convenient yet standard mode. 

If you are planning for any classic and versatile design, there’s no other ideal choice, as granite gives a perfect statement to any interior design. These granites are a good-to-go option for any design and remodelling project. So, don’t think much about it and consider them according to your preference.

SK Stones Pakistan presents amazing granite types for interior design and decorative applications across the country. It allows us to get a piece of Pakistan’s natural stone to define the intricate beauty found within the Earth’s embrace. Granite marble prices in Pakistan can vary depending on different factors, for instance, the granite type, colour, texture, and size.  


How much do Granite prices vary in Pakistan?

Prices for granite may depend on various factors like its size, design texture, pattern type, and color. It is recommended to visit and find an accurate price estimate for your personal requirement for specific-sized granite.  

What are the common types of Granite found in Pakistan?

There are various types of granite originating and quarried in Pakistan’s different regions. Significantly, the most common types of granite found in Pakistan are white, black, grey, and natural brown. 

What is the durability of granite as compared to marble?

Granite is highly durable compared to marble for some specific reasons. It mainly requires less maintenance and is a more elegant choice for any interior design. It can last for years to stand the beauty in the same condition as it originated. 

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